In late September, Google released a new version of its Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide . The SEO Guide has been created to provide basic tips and tricks for increasing the visibility of websites and was designed to be used by webmasters, website owners and online marketing professionals. If you are at the beginning stages of learning about search engine optimization or even if you need a refresher course this guide is easy to understand and the advice is easy to implement. Google does clearly state in this guide they they will not “tell you any secrets that’ll automatically rank your site first for queries in Google,” but it does share several best practices that are valuable to SEO newbies.

Here is the table of contents:

The Original SEO Starter Guide was developed as an internal guide before Google decided to make it a public document. Creating this guide provides you with a “roadmap” to what is important in search engine optimization and even a little insight into what Google looks for in websites.  The updated version has some major addititons to it, inlcuding a section called “SEO for Mobile Phones.” SEO for Mobile Phones talks about the importance of having a mobile version of your website with tips about how to construct an SEO-friendly site for mobile devices.

This addition is more user-friendly than previous versions including more example images to help newbies better understand the content. The 32 page guide is concise, easy to understand and also includes a glossary of frequently used SEO terms to better understand the most commonly used acronyms in search engine optimization and more. BEST OF ALL, its FREE!

You can download your copy here:

Special thanks to Eileen Brown for first mentioning the guide on her RYZE Social Network. Eileen has a web development company in Kansas called BEK Brown Enterprises.