TUESDAY TUTORIAL: How to Add a Gravatar to Your Posts Anywhere Online


When you do business on the web, it is important to constantly and consistently strengthen your brand. One way to do that is with your picture (or you company’s picture or logo) showing up when you leave a trail (or comment or blog post).  In fact when you visit blogs, post to blogs or leave comments on blogs, you may just need a GRAVATAR! You can use this cool tool from En.Gravatar.com  and set yours up. Then watch the video below that will show you how to set it up so it appears automagically online.
The following video was produced by Lifetime Member Heidi Caswell of Connect Simply. It will show you “How to have your images show up on blog posts and comments: ”  (note: this video was created using Jing , the program we showcased last week on our Monday Resource ).
Women in Ecommerce™ is in the process of creating short video tutorials for our members. If you have any resources, tutorials or videos you would like to share with our audience of women who do business on the web, send to me at heidi (at) wecai.org with Tuesday Tutorial in the subject line.
Here’s to helping you do MORE business on the web without breaking the bank!