The e-commerce landscape offers immense opportunities for entrepreneurs, more so because online sales have boomed during the pandemic. It comes as no surprise that more and more people want to jump on the bandwagon. While the prospect of an e-commerce startup sounds exciting, it is challenging as well. You have to stay ahead of the massive competition and handle operational complexities. But the biggest challenge lies in keeping your finances on track, particularly amid the COVID situation. Even as it sounds daunting, you can achieve the feat with the right approach. Here are some tips that can help.

Keep your financials up-to-date

It is easy to lose track of your financials during stressful times. Even as sales may be booming for e-commerce startups, there is a lot more you have to consider when it comes to managing money. It is vital to update and follow your financial statements so that you have a tight grip. Keep track of metrics such as liquidity , efficiency, and profitability ratios. Analyze the financial impact of the pandemic and go the extra mile with forecasting and planning.

Stay a step ahead of short-term cash shortages

Despite the best financial practices, you can expect to face short-term cash shortages from time to time. Staying a step ahead of these shortages is crucial, and the best way you can do it is by having alternate financing options. You can seek an online loan for bills  and other expenses. These loans are easy to source as they involve minimal formalities, and you can connect with credible lenders to fulfill your emergency needs.

Cut down non-essential spends 

While a startup should always look to cut down expenses, it becomes more significant in a crisis. Look for opportunities for saving up, and you can find plenty of them. For example, you can cut down on packaging expenses and look for discounts on shipping costs. Audit administrative expenses, identify wasteful ones, and steer clear of them. The more you control your spending, the better you can sustain your startup.

Run promotions at appropriate times

When it comes to managing your e-commerce financing, timing promotions smartly is crucial. Even as incentives and promotions are core elements of the e-commerce playbook, going overboard with them can topple your startup finances. Find the best times to go ahead with them because it will help you reach out to the customers only when they have genuine intentions to buy. 

Avoid maxing out inventory

It is easy to fall for the temptation of overstocking your inventory only to match the booming demand. But you can never be too sure and may end up with dead inventory at the end of the day. Good inventory management is the key to staying ahead of the market demand without locking up your funds unnecessarily. Learn the optimal restocking time and replenish inventory only when you are sure about an upcoming boom in demand. 

Keeping finances on track can be tricky for e-commerce startup owners, but you can still achieve the goals with some planning and preparation. Limiting wasteful expenses and timing spending properly make the smartest choices.

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