Creating a new client welcome and onboarding kit is an essential part of onboarding new clients and setting the stage for a successful business relationship. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an effective new client welcome kit:

1. Define Your Objectives:

  • Determine the goals of your welcome kit. Are you aiming to provide information, build trust, showcase your services, or something else? Knowing your objectives will guide the content and design.

2. Identify Key Information:

  • Determine what information is most important for your clients to know when they first start working with your company. This may include an introduction to your team, the onboarding process, project timelines, and more.

3. Gather Materials:

  • Collect the materials and content you’ll include in the welcome kit. This may involve creating or updating documents, designing graphics, and writing copy.

4. Design the Kit:

  • Design the welcome kit’s layout and visual elements to align with your brand. Ensure it’s visually appealing and easy to read. You can create a physical printed kit or a digital version (PDF or online portal).

5. Create a Welcome Letter:

  • Start with a personalized welcome letter. Address the client by name and express your excitement about working together. Briefly outline what they can expect from your company.

6. Introduction to Your Company:

  • Provide an overview of your company, its mission, values, and a brief history. Highlight what sets your business apart from competitors.

7. Team Introduction:

  • Include bios and photos of key team members the client will be working with. This helps humanize your company and build a personal connection.

8. Scope of Work or Agreement:

  • If applicable, include a detailed contract, service agreement, or project scope. Clearly outline terms, expectations, timelines, and payment details.

9. Service/Product Information:

  • Offer information about your services or products, including descriptions, features, benefits, pricing, and support options.

10. Onboarding Process: – Outline the onboarding process step by step. Explain what the client needs to do, what your team will handle, and the expected timeline.

11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): – Anticipate common questions clients may have and provide answers in an FAQ section. This reduces the need for unnecessary inquiries.

12. Contact Information: – Include contact details for key team members, customer support, and any additional points of contact. Provide preferred methods of communication.

13. Testimonials and Case Studies: – If applicable, share client testimonials or success stories that demonstrate the positive outcomes clients have experienced by working with your company.

14. Next Steps: – Clearly outline the immediate next steps the client should take. This might include scheduling a kickoff meeting, submitting necessary information, or signing and returning the agreement.

15. Brand Assets: – If relevant, provide brand guidelines, style sheets, and design assets that the client may need for accurate representation of your brand in their projects.

16. Usage Guidelines: – Explain how the client should use and refer to your products, services, or brand in their projects. Include any branding requirements or restrictions.

17. Delivery Method: – Specify how the welcome kit will be delivered, whether physically by mail, email, or through an online portal.

18. Personal Touch: – Consider adding a personalized touch, such as a handwritten note or a small welcome gift, to make the client feel special and valued.

19. Proofread and Review: – Carefully proofread all content and review the kit for clarity, accuracy, and consistency.

20. Distribution: – Distribute the welcome kit to new clients promptly, ideally shortly after they’ve signed an agreement or made a commitment to work with your company.

Remember that your new client welcome kit should be informative, user-friendly, and align with your brand’s personality. It should help new clients feel comfortable and confident about their decision to work with your company while providing them with the necessary information to get started smoothly.


THE NEW CLIENT WELCOME AND ONBOARDING KIT is filled with forms, templates and checklists to help you welcome new clients into your business. Members can access it in our member dashboard under ULTIMATE SWIPE FILES.