Welcome to the Monday Resource ~ How to Speed up Your Website for Better Results by Women in Ecommerce™

Do you maintain your own Website? whether or not you do is not really important if you know the right questions to ask and what to look for. If you are a ‘”do it yourself” website creator you can use this tutorial to get your website “up to speed” by making it download faster for your visitors and give them a better surfing experience.

Here are some things that are covered in the Web Developer’s Guide ~ How to Speed Up Your Website by Vincent Wright:

Choosing a hosting provider that meets your needs

Optimized database design

Using good “code” for search engine optimization

Optimizing your images

There is a really cool tool the author recommends called Yslow from Yahoo . It is a Firebug/Firefox open source plugin that analyzes your site and give you advice on what to fix.  By the way, its FREE! Grab it a Yslow from Yahoo .

Read the Yslow User Guide (PDF)

And more.

Read the complete article at HTML Goodies .  

Note: Google has a similar tool called Google Page Speed  which is a newer open source plugin and according to some online reviews just as good. Check it out at Google Page Speed  (also FREE to install)

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