Women in Ecommerce is delighted to share our newest global ambassadors with you!  Over the past several weeks we have been actively recruiting women from around the globe to add to our global network of leaders and to represent our organization internationally while promoting the countries in which they have an active interest in showcasing to the world.

Please welcome to our team:

Meet Beatrice Achaleke, Ambassador ~ Cameroon.  Beatrice Achaleke not only loves diversity – she lives it: Her commitment to the issues of diversity and inclusion is guiding her biography „Vielfalt statt Einfalt – wo ich herkomme“ and at the same starting point for many talks and seminars, which she was doing both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Beatrice here:  https://wecai.org/10202/meet-meet-beatrice-achaleke-global-ambassador-cameroon


Meet Theda Muller, Global Ambassador ~ Dubai & The Middle East –  Theda has over 30 years business experience, of which 14 years is in the UAE and Middle East Region. Theda is a South African originally from Cape Town, is a qualified IT and Telecoms Engineer and Consultant, also ITIL Trainer and Consultant, high-end Real Estate Advisor, Project Manager as her key professions. She later progressed to Dignatory Business Advisor, published Author, Debt and Finance Advisor & Coach, Mentor and Transformational Coach – Learn more about Theda here: https://wecai.org/10197/meet-theda-muller-global-ambassador-dubai


"Meet Diana Dentinger, Liaison Italy"Meet Sabine Osmanovic, Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant and Global Ambassador to "Meet Sabine Osmanovic, Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant and Global Ambassador to Germany"Germany. Sabine Osmanovic has more than 30 years of experience in various companies and departments. She uses this knowledge to help companies to make money with their offices by optimizing work flows, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction. For this she uses several techniques such as flow-charts, checklists, problem solving reports and much more. Learn more about Sabine here: https://wecai.org/10207/meet-sabine-osmanovic-ambassador-germany "Meet Diana Dentinger, Liaison Italy"


If you would like to be considered for our Global Ambassadors Initiative, send your bio and photo to heidi (at) wecai (dot) org with “WECAI Global Ambassadors” in the subject line. Bio must be in the body of the email and jpeg photo attached must be at least 250 X 250 pxls to be considered.

Learn more about our global initiative and our ambassadors here: https://wecai.org/international-board-of-advisors