If you are running an online business there are lots of things that you are responsible for. One is keeping your website from looking like a stale donut. You can accomplish this with RSS feeds.

What Are RSS Feeds?

RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” This is a way to provide up to date information to your readers. When you have new information on your website they can see it and instantly know what you are up to. If they want to click on the links, they can be taken to your website for more information.

You can embed RSS readers into your sites so others can use their RSS feed to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get a live feed embedded. For instance, if you use a JavaScript reader, the information you are broadcasting is not in the HTML of your website. This means that search engines skip over it when they crawl your webpage.

One solution is a flash RSS reader. It allows you to pull content from different sources and broadcast it from your website. Search engines can crawl these pages and see it as new content and rank you accordingly.

Flash RSS readers are easy to install and embed in your website. Once you get it set up, you can stream live information to those subscribing to your feed. They will see new information all the time, or as often as you have it updated for them.

What Are the Benefits to You?

* New and exciting content – It can be hard to redo your website each day or even each week. Coming up with new content or even writing it can take time that you might not have now. It takes away from your job of advertising and promoting your website and products. With RSS feeds, there is always something new to see on your site and your traffic will return on a regular basis and hopefully bring others.

* RSS feeds are free – This means that others will subscribe to yours without any cost to them but with tremendous benefit to you.

* Boost to your website status – With the search engines crawling your feed, they will see content that is different from what was there before and that increases your ranking and status. Getting seen and ranked is what you want to garner more traffic. It is not the only way, but using a flash RSS reader is an easy way to boost your traffic.

Are you looking for ways to benefit from different tools for internet marketing? Try RSS feeds. If you don’t have an RSS reader embedded in your website, get one today.