It’s Time to Get PAC-ing!

During the December board meeting, the South Florida Board of Advisors Women in Ecommerce™ created an exciting new program that will help our Entrepreneur and CEO Level Members cut their business learning and implementation curve by days, months and even years.

The new initiative is called PAC which stands for Platinum Advisory Council. PAC is, in essence a high-achieving mastermind group made up of members of Women in Ecommerce with FIVE primary purposes. They are:

1. To uncover what holds you back discover ways to overcome your challenges so you can move forward and springboard your business to greater success

2. To establish a sounding board for development of new ideas and business projects and see them to fruition.

3. To share resources, information and leads within the group

4. To establish accountability so that each member comes away each from meeting with a solid plan and a way to work on that plan in the interim between meetings.

5. In addition, PAC will be a place to showcase cutting-edge technology during our monthly meetings.

The first PAC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 22nd from 4 to 6 pm in Davie, Florida.

PAC is currently only open to PLATINUM Level Members. If you are Platinum Level Member of the South Florida Chapter, you will be receiving an invitation to join us for our kick-off meeting where we will outline the entire process and how we plan to help you move your businesses forward.

If you are Platinum level member and do not reside in South Florida,  we have fabulous plans to take Virtual PACs around the globe once our live PAC is in place so you too can be a part of this exciting opportunity to take your business to the “next level” of success.

The new PAC‘s are limited to 12 members each. As we fill one PAC, we will start a new one.

What you can expect from PAC:




Honest Critique

Group Expertise


And so much more!

If you are interested in being part of this exciting new program and NOT yet a Platinum Level Member, don’t wait. You can upgrade your membership any time before the kickoff meeting and still be invited to attend.

To RSVP for the February 22nd PAC, call Heidi at 954-625-6606 or email Heidi at

To learn more about and upgrade your membership to Platinum Level, visit: Platinum Membership   

Are you PAC’d yet?

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!” Helen Keller