Do you have a resource to share? If so, WE Magazine for women wants to know about it. WE is always on the lookout for valuable giveways that are “donated” or listed on the site – the purpose is to direct our readers to your site to sign up for the freebie, thereby growing your list as well as our visitors. These items include information products, a downloadable audio or video, online consulting, ecourses, and more.

WE are looking for content-rich information products (not articles or 2 page reports), coaching and consulting time, audio or video products that would help women and men enhance their lives in some way, ecourses, etc. (Note: apart from your free resources, if you would like to submit an article, Women in Ecommerce™ is interested. Send articles to heidi (at) with “WECAI Article Submission” in the subject line).

In addition, feel free to download the logo above and add it to your site or blog to help each other promote this list. If you do upload to any of your sites, please let WE Magazine know about it. When you do you will receive a Highlighted listing with your company logo! In addition, if the subject matter content pertains to Women doing Business on the WEB we will give it a separate page on Women in Ecommerce™ as we showcase your Free Offer on this blog!

Offering FREE Resources is a great way to grow your own list of prospects and clients. Just how can you grow your list?

By supplying the title and a link to your product for others to contact you about or download. The best way to grow your list is to capture the name and email of the person interested in your product or service. To see a sample page, visit:

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If you are interested in submitting a product or service to include in this list, please send an email to Heidi (at) with “1000 Giveaways” in the subject line, the product title, description and direct link to download (if appropriate). If your item has an expiration date, please also include that. Looking forward to hearing from you.

In addition to using your free offers in 1000 Great Giveaways on WE Magazine for Women,  Women in Ecommerce™ may ask to include your resource in our FREE Resources section of this website.  When you make your submission, please let us know if you would like to use it for BOTH.

*Women in Ecommerce™ wants you to know we only share other people’s products and services we whole-heartedly believe in and when offered we become an affiliate for those products and services. If you choose to take action on any offers that are made, we may receive a commission and/or other non-financial compensation. Thank you for allowing *Women in Ecommerce™ to share these resources with you.