This week Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder of Women in Ecommerce™ Interviewed Nell Merlino, founder of Count Me In, Take Your Daughters to Work Day and Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Program for economic prosperity for Women.

In this interview Nell discussed her vision for Make Mine a Million , how Make Mine a Million is helping women grow their businesses with coaching and other vital resources, how the women candidates are chosen to become part of the Make Mine a Million program, what the steps are that a business owner needs to take to get their business to the Million Dollar Mark and how women business owners are fairing in the current economic conditions. Nell talked about their new campaign Survive and Thrive , and how our listeners can take advantage of  this new program and how one single factor can make a HUGE difference in growing a business to a few thousand and a million dollars or more.

Nell also shared amazing stories of women and their successes with the program.

You can listen to Make Mine a Million Dollar Business Here (Click to listen or right click to save to your computer to listen to later). Note: sound quality is much better when the file is downloaded and saved.

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