Are you confused about how to search for something? Would you like to know how others search.  Do you know which questions to ask, which words to use, the RIGHT words to use? Are you trying to limit your time searching so you can spend more time researching and writing content for your website, blog or other social media? Is time a factor for you? If productivity is your question, the answer is the MakeUseOf Guide to Internet Searching.

This guide will tell you anything you possibly need – or want to know about search engines.

Learn how to formulate your searches, limit results using special search commands, get to know numerous special search engines and lots more.

Table of Contents includes
Basic rules for Internet Searching, The Major Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, People Searches on Facebook, LinkedIn,, How to search for products and deals on, RetailMeNot, PriceGrabber, Google Product Search and more. There is a chapter on Image Searches such as Flickr, Google Images, PicItUp, A chapter on Creative Commons Search, video searching on YouTube, Searching for Files, Real Time Searches, Smart Search, Other Search Engines and a Final chapter on Tips to do Better Searching overall. 39 high content pages in all.

For everyone who wants to be more productive and get to know some incredible new search engines – MakeUseOf presents The Guidebook to Internet Searching will give you back some time, get more targeted search results and make your job easier.

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