Meet Kim Gray Platinum Member of Women in Ecommerce™ and our Member of the Month for March!

Kim’s passion to serve has been part of her life for as long she can remember. Since leaving the military in 1985, she has been an administrative professional. Her Air Force career was in rebellion with her natural talents. She refused the tendency to travel the road all the women in her family had traversed. For 10 amazing years, she served her country and thrived in the Air Force as a sheet metal repairman and then a construction manager. In 1985, Kim had to decide to either continue for another 10 years towards retirement or leave the Air Force. She chose to leave and focus on my family.

That decision changed her life dramatically. She never realized how differently people worked outside of the military environment. she had to learn patience, how to negotiate, and that the chain of command didn’t include her. Wow! Her first civilian job was as the In-School Suspension Officer for a middle school in Michigan.  

Kim’s corporate career started in 1990 when she returned home to Massachusetts and worked for Fidelity Investments, Work/Family Directions, and Bank of Boston. She enjoyed the various roles I played and responsibilities that came with the roles which included:

•    Executive Assistant to Investment Managers
•    Senior Administrator to the Director of Quality
•    Senior Process Specialist of Customer Information Systems
•    Project Controller for Deposit Account Management

After getting her B Business Management! She worked as an independent contractor delivering workshops on conflict resolution and team-building. In 2007, Kim launched Emerging Virtual Assistance after attending Assist University to get the mind shift from employee to business owner that she knew she needed.

Since 2007, Emerging Virtual Assistance has allowed her to help over 25 coaches develop healthy relationships with their clients by creating systems that reflect each coach’s values and standards. Collaborating with coaches has allowed Emerging Virtual Assistance to remove the administrative tasks from their plates so they can impact the lives of others.

At the end of 2009, the economy hit everyone like a lead balloon. Most VAs were impacted because our 1-on-1 services were connected to our clients’ ability to pay. Sadly, VA services were the first to go for many coaches. It was at that time that I vowed to make a change in 2010 that would impact not only my family, but others too. I decided to introduce my product-based model to the VA industry through my new association – National Association of Virtual Assistants for Coaches. You can’t imagine the credibility that comes with an association that sets NAVAC apart from non-Association training programs.

With NAVAC, I strive to help each member find a new voice where she can speak boldly about who she is, confidently about what talents she brings to the table, humbly about how she has impacted others, and courageously about her worth. Plus, NAVAC will help her build a revenue-generating business model to combat the shifting economy. Coaches have been using this model for years, and Coaches VAs can serve proactively based on experience and with NAVAC’s assistance.

Congratulations, Kim on being the Women in Ecommerce™ Member of the Month! You can learn more about Kim Gray and the National Association of Virtual Assistants for Coaches at