Meet Allyson Mancini

Meet Allyson Mancini, Platinum Member and Independent Cabi Stylist

Allyson Mancini was raised in Michigan and attended Northwood University in northern Michigan and graduated with a degeee in Fashion Marketing and Management in 1993. At which time she and her fiancé, Nick, moved from Michigan to the Ft Lauderdale area.  Allyson and her husband Nick have two children, Nicholas (20), and Lexi (18). Nicholas is a sophomore at UCF and Lexi is a Senior at St Thomas Aquinas.

Allyson began her career as a Personal Fashion Stylist with CAbi in 2015. She was excited to bring to women an alternative to the shopping experience. A shopping experience that gives women their own personal stylist, in their own private home, personally or with friends.  Cabi is a designer collection of women’s clothing that appeals to women of all ages from 17-77. Cabi is sold in the US, Canada and the U.K.. CAbi provides two brand new collections a year, a Fall and Spring collection. Within each of these there are two “mini” collections each season for a total of over 130 pieces to choose from each season. Not only does this create variety for women but gives a wide breadth to cater to many different women’s tastes. Cabi also strives to help women build their wardrobe from season to season, building upon piece after piece. To do this the design team is very skilled at carrying through color ways from season to season, so pieces purchased seasons ago will coordinate pieces currently out.  As your personal stylist my goal is help you build and create a wardrobe that ends the challenge so many women have of a closet full of “orphans” (clothes with tags still hanging on them) and the dilemma of “nothing to wear”.

After many requests by the spouses, and male family members and friends of my clients I added a men’s line to my styling business. So in May of 2017 I began representing JHilburn, a custom made-to-measure men’s clothing line. JHilburn provides made-to-measure suits, sport coats, shirts, trousers, chinos, polos and also provides men’s accessories from ties, to pocket squares, socks, belts and shoes.

According to Allyson: “I am excited to add this to my styling business so that I can offer personal styling to both men and women! I look forward to assisting clients in all of their fashion needs!”

Learn more about Cabi – allysonmancini.cabionline. com

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