Meet Deborah Dedek, Entrepreneur

deborahdedekDeborah Dedek has been connecting people with business and connecting people in business for over 20 years. As a 30+ year resident of South Florida, she has created an interwoven structure of business leaders, organizations and charitable groups throughout the tri-county area and beyond.


Deborah has forged alliances with many of today’s important organizations, charities and business leaders. They know her. They know the work ethic she aspires to and most importantly, they know what she stands for.


Being a single mom of a child with cerebral palsy has taught Deb valuable lessons. She has learned that you must reach out and give back to the community that has helped you. Also, that success in business often starts and comes from the heart. She has said many times, “You need to do the right thing and let that be your guide.”


Doing the right thing has come back to help Deborah many times over. She truly is so much more than just a professional. She is a true person. That reputation has taken her this far and will  only be an extreme asset to any one that chooses to become her client or ally.