Meet Francesca Morosi, Doctoral Researcher & Social Entrepreneur and Global Ambassador to England

Meet Francesca Morosi, Doctoral Researcher & Social Entrepreneur and Global Ambassador to EnglandFrancesca is a researcher on scholarship at Nottingham Trent University, just about to complete her PhD in Marketing Ethics. She’s also a published poet, a writer and a social entrepreneur. Her previous educational background include a BSc in Economics (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), and MA in Marketing (De Montfort University, Leicester).

Her professional background includes creative writing (poetry, children books and magazines articles), blogging, marketing & advertising consultancy and market research assignments within different companies and institutions.
Her main research interests lie in the areas of Marketing Ethics and Consumer Behaviour, with particular reference to media, advertising, children and gender.

Her PhD – “Constructing Ideas of Femininity: A Context-rich Exploration of Young Girls’ Advertising Experiences” – has explored how pre-adolescent girls respond and interact with representations of femininity in current advertising messages, through an in-depth and mainly qualitative approach.
Spurred by the result of her study, she wishes to draw attention to the practical and ethical implications of the widespread gender-stereotypical orientation of marketing and media content targeted at young girls by offering practical reflections, recommendations and a call-to-action in her blog and social enterprise, Mediasavvygirls, with its newly- launched social activism research project .

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