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Meet Janelle Pierini, Founder – EcommQueen

Janelle Pierini is Senior Account Manager @ BusinessOnline | Data Driven Digital Marketer | Supporting Social Impact Initiatives and the Founder of Ecomm Queen. She is also a Silver Member of Women in Ecommerce

Janell is a coach style leader that creates efficiencies through developing organizational processes that are replicable and meant to scale. Her background in digital marketing falls under new business development, strategy, account management and project management. She hase developed programs and organizational processes internal and external to create a stronger, more efficient way of doing business. Janell seek to solve problems, find efficiencies, and help those around her grow. Janell’s mission is to utilize her skills and experience to make a positive impact in world, the company she works for, and those around her.

About her company:
EcommQueen’s mission is to empower brands through sustainable growth marketing strategies, support social impact initiatives, and mentor those entering the workforce.

EcommQueen was founded in May 2018 by Janelle Pierini. The real joy in her work came from empowering brands, supporting social impact initiatives, and mentoring others.

Janelle offers digital marketing solutions for B2C and B2B companies and a pro-bono (or donation based) division for social impact brands and non-profits. She also mentors interns to help them develop the skills needed to enter a role in digital marketing while also introducing them to Conscious Business and the B-Corp community.

Visit her website: https://www.ecommqueen.com/

Find her on social media

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janellepierini/

Instagram: ecommqueen

Twitter – JanellePierini