PostcardMania was founded in 1998 by Joy Gendusa – her only assets at the time a computer and a phone. After being sorely disappointed by a printing company when using them to promote her business, Joy Rockwell Enterprises, she had the bright idea to specialize in postcards and give all her marketing experience away for free. With no start-up capital, Joy started PostcardMania as a pilot project. She wanted to help other businesses have a more successful and positive marketing experience.

At that time business owners had to either, 1) pay dearly for marketing advice to ad agencies in order to gain the knowledge they needed in order to succeed in that arena or 2) go to commercial printers to have their direct mail campaigns printed, but were missing the valuable marketing lore that the ad agencies heavily guarded. In addition to that, the cost for 5000 postcards at that time was upwards of $1400 – Joy wanted to print the marketing tool in bulk for a fraction of the cost so that small business could participate in the successful actions that only larger business could afford. Joy innovated the industry by providing her prospects and clients with FREE valuable marketing advice for which ad agencies charged dearly and also gave them the benefits of affordable commercial printing thereby giving business owners and entrepreneurs a decisive resource by placing them in the driver’s seat to their direct mail marketing campaigns.

She also saw that the best service and product would come from having a complete turn-key operation where she managed the entire process from marketing advice, to design, to card manufacturing, to even acquiring mailing lists and addressing and mailing the cards for her customers. Joy accomplished this and became the first postcard marketing company to do all of the direct-mail processes under one roof.

PostcardMania’s corporate headquarters resides in Clearwater, Florida. Nationally recognized by prestigious organizations and publications for expansive growth, an award-winning web site and champion direct-mail campaigns, PostcardMania is recognized as lead generation experts in the direct mail postcard industry. 

PostcardMania’s purpose is to help people – business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs — succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in postcard marketing that achieve for them their desired result and puts them in the driver’s seat to their own expansion through direct mail marketing. The higher goal of PostcardMania is to foster the economy of this great nation by helping businesses all over the USA becoming burgeoning successes.

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