Kathryne-Alexis Weygand “KA” a Woman with Outrageous Purpose and a passionate member of “The New Normal”

Can an individual spark genius in another? YES! Discover the life path that leads to your outrageous purpose! A path that lights up one step at a time or in soaring leaps.

Reveal the genius within your heart’s desires that create well-being through your passionate expression and doing what you love. How can I help you? By being truthful in sharing what I see, know and feel to be brilliant within you waiting to be recognized.

Kathryne-Alexis believes in living an extraordinary life and enjoying it! A visionary who has worked since 1972 in regional theaters, television stations, film production and now the alternative health fields in various roles, she has a passion for creating new ways to “lighten up” her collaborators, clients, and global friends she works with through the internet and Skype. Personal time with Kathryne-Alexis, will assist you to integrate choice, change and transform lifestyles as much as you will allow with a lightness and tenderness that inspires your intentions and goals with clarity, understanding, and  new solutions. Gentle healing energies naturally flow bringing balance, harmony and a few giggles. Her Vortex Essences lighten up your energy drains so you can play vibrantly!

Visit her online at Outrageous Purpose and Vortex Essences to learn more about Kathryne-Alexis Weygand