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Meet Kathy Dedek, the newest member to the South Florida Chapter of  Women in Ecommerce™ and our Platinum Member Showcase for January 2012

Kathy Dedek inspires business owners to create extraordinary companies. The breadth of her knowledge spans across sales, marketing, technology, accounting and business management. She has mentored with some of the best, including Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth and AmondaRose Igoe, author of Pain-Free Presentations. 

Kathy is nationally recognized as a contributing author of Visionaries With Guts (2010) where she reveals how your company can become the next Disney. She is co-author of The Ultimate Success Secret – South Florida Edition (2011) with Dan Kennedy, has appeared in the Sun Sentinel and was featured in the Technology section of In-Focus Magazine.

As a sought after speaker, Kathy has addressed audiences of 5 to 500 people. Her topics range from how to create client value, to setting client expectations, and from how to build effective sales strategies, to getting paid before you do the work. One of her favorite presentations, The Money is in the Follow-up, was when she shared the stage in 2008 with Bob Burg and Loral Langemeier.

Kathy is the CEO and Founder of Shattering the Glass, Inc. (STG). Shattering the Glass was conceived in the Dreaming Room, led by Michael Gerber. This experience had a profound impact on her, so much so that she became a certified facilitator for the Dreaming Room. Kathy is leading audiences to discover the dream inside, and then teaching each participant how to build a successful, turn-key business around that dream.

Kathy is married to Bill Dedek, with whom she shares the helm of her sales and technology company, Brilliant Technology Applied (BTA). Kathy recently designed a new product called BTA4SALES™ that helps companies create a “Buyer Zone” for their customers. She conducts a variety of seminars that guide clients through their own customer’s purchasing experience. Kathy is offering a two hour introductory class of her BTA4SALES™ methodology on Wednesday, February 29th at 7 pm. To find out more, go to facebook.com/bta4sales.