Meet Katrine Horn, Coach and Ambassador to France

Katrine Horn teaches, coaches and mentors at Toulouse Business School, France, conducting women in business to capitalize on their creativity and to confidently bring their unique gifts to the world. She’s an Associate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, UK, MA, Toulouse University Jean Jaurès, France, and has been a trained teacher (CAPES) and personal development coach since 2004.

Katrine also has a successful online business where she helps recovering overachieving creatives discover how they can let go of the strife and struggle, make time for self-care so that they can love themselves fully, be happier and even more successful while having fun. She is also a regular contributor to paper and online press such as the Huffington Post.

As the founder of The Choosing Happiness and The Heal Your Heart summits, Katrine has reached 300.000 people with the message that everybody can be happy and that they deserve to be so. This has led her to develop online training (The Self-Love Activation Course, The Art of Being Me) and in-person retreats where she guides participants to greater self-awareness, helps them connect to their joy and leads them to a deeper sense of inner peace.

15 years as an international professional musician and performer taught Katrine the importance of knowing who you are and being able to communicate this in business as well as in your private life. Through her performances and as an acclaimed public speaker, she showcases outstanding women thought leaders and artists that have not only improved women’s condition but equally that of mankind.

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