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Meet Kim Gray – Member of the Month

Meet Kim Gray, Marketing Coach and Launch Assistant for Introvert Coaches

"Meet Kim Gray, Marketing Coach and Launch Assistant for Introvert Coaches"Creating memorable experiences for your customers not only creates loyalty but it also leaves a warm feeling in your heart.  Perhaps you know of people who have deep relationships they’ve nurtured over the years. Perhaps that person is you!I remember being raised in Cambridge, MA during the 60s and having a handful of girlfriends to hang out with while my mom was at work. I didn’t know I was an introvert yet. In those days, there were ‘community babysitters’ who looked after us and told everything we did to our parents. If you were raised during these times, perhaps you can relate and  appreciate how things have changed. Once my family started moving around, I lost touch with my childhood friends and never really felt connected anywhere else.

It was a lonely place that left me longing for a friendship I could rely on no matter where I went. Maybe that’s why I struggled with meeting new people and creating new relationships. I believe I was afraid of having to relocate and losing touch with them so I chose not to even try. Then one day, years into my adult life, I decided to put down roots and plant myself in a new ‘home’. I put my faith in God and he led me to some amazing people who are now my ‘family’. No matter where I go, I have a place to lay my head and shoulders to cry on when necessary.

I learned how to develop meaningful relationships by caring about people again. After awhile of meeting new people and spending quality time with them, I looked around and saw a large circle of men, women, and children as my friends. Then I met my husband and we have been each others best friend since 1999.

I know that it can seem impossible to build relationships in a new environment, with people you don’t know. And I also know that you can do anything with God’s approval. This is my story of hope and possibilities that I use to guide my way as I help Career and Executive coaches develop relationships that lead to new ‘friends’.

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