Meet Lisa R. Tucci, Ambassador ~ Italy
American Lisa R. Tucci has been living in Italy for over 17 years. For ten of those years, she’s been pursuing her life’s passion, producing audioguides for museums, art cities, palaces and churches throughout the country. She is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Art&Media Communications, producing the Artineraries line of downloadable audio tours for iPods and mp3 players. As former Country Manager for Acoustiguide Worldwide, Tucci was the first to introduce audioguides into Italy, the first to offer City Tours, and now the first to bring downloadable audio tours to Italy (launched during the Turin Olympics).
As a digital audio publisher, she also edits scripts and a children’s book series for Aunt Dee’s Attic (Michigan). Aside from producing interviews, podcasts & audioguides, the Art&Media team is behind the Linguality Italian books & audio for English-speaking readers, Telecom Italia’s new Teleguide service for mobile phones and new videoguide productions.
After participating in the WECAI Publishing Webinar, she was inspired to start her own irreverent blog, Burnt By the Tuscan Sun where she muses about the more difficult side of living in a place known for its fantastic ‘quality of life’, Italy.
She is owned by her little dog Trevor.