Meet Lydia Harris


Meet Lydia Harris, Board Member At-Large, South Florida Chapter of Women in Ecommerce™

Lydia is the mother of two sons,  Benjamin a high school sophomore, and Nicholas (a college sophomore).  All born in Detroit, Michigan, the family moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2005.    A Registered Nurse for over 30 years, Lydia has specialized in pediatrics, adolescent mental health, and medical case management, with almost ten years in an independent practice as an entrepreneur.   As a family, many activities have focused around those that help kids with character building through constructive use of their leisure time including The Boy Scouts of America (Lydia served as Cubmaster of Pack 335), fishing, museum touring, and various camping programs.


UControlIt was founded by Lydia Harris and her youngest son, Benjamin Marsh as his wireless, remote controlled security and home automation business, in 2007. The tools used for his business allow owners of the system to be in control of their environment and personal/home/business safety needs.


Started as a means for Ben to earn money to fund special purchases, UControlIt as his business, became the topic of local inquiry. As a result of this venture, “How U Gonna Pay for Those Shoes?”, A Business Plan for Teens was written and became self-published in August 2008.


The expansion to additional entrepreneur guides, is adding a new dimension. In keeping with the theme, UControlIt has expanded to carry a message of empowerment with a variety of online services/products to assist the global community of entrepreneurs in reaching their personal/professional goals.  From this teen entrepreneur concept has grown The Entrepreneurs’ Garden, Inc. a resource for new business owners.