Meet Maria Petrak

Meet Maria Petrak, Founder of The Best of the World Network® and Global Ambassador to Austria.

 "Meet Maria Petrak, Founder of The Best of the World Network® and Global Ambassador to Austria."Maria Petrak is not only a genuinely caring human being, a talented photographer and a passionate blogger (one of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch for 2009 ), she is also a visionary entrepreneur and network-connector with a dream to create a better world where everyone can make a positive difference. All her life, she has been preparing for her purpose (apart from being a mother): as the Founder of a global networking platform and peace project: The Best of the World Network ®.

Originally a Slovak minority from Serbia, now Austrian national living in Vienna, she has worked for the United Nations Individual Development Organization and International Atomic Energy Agency, Atoms for Peace, for 15 years. Despite employment at highly inspiring and lucrative jobs, Maria decided to follow her passion and dream to create a global promotional and networking platform to promote THE BEST. Maria’s mission is to inspire others to express their greatest creative, intellectual and spiritual potential. Her unique platform and holistic marketing concept is based on philanthropic and ethical principles that promote cultural diversity, support individual talents, humanitarian, charitable, environmental, scientific, educational and socially responsible projects that benefit a worldwide community. After many years of development, The Best of the World Network ® is expanding to the business world to feature THE BEST success stories and THE BEST practices around the world.

With Maria’s multicultural and multilingual background, diploma in Business English Administration and social media marketing management skills, she fully embodies the international spirit of communication, public relations, and above all, international diplomacy. Having served in leadership roles with the VIC Society for Conscious Living (United Nations Club), as a pro-active member of numerous associations such as United Nations Women’s Guild and Internations, Maria has always been committed to serving humanity and empowering others, promoting the idea of unity in diversity, friendship and a global family to bring peace in the world. Maria received recognition for these efforts by being presented with the Ambassador for Peace  award from the Universal Peace Federation of Austria and The Flame of Peace  award in 2012. She is also an International Ambassador  representing Austria to Women in E-commerce in the USA nominated by WE Magazine for Women  (one of TBOWN cooperation partners).

Maria´s blogs The Best of Marbella  and The Best of Vienna have been featured on WE Magazine for Women several times. To learn more about Maria’s project and join her efforts in creating a better world you can visit: Her Facebook page