Meet Beatrice Achaleke, CEO, Diversity Leadership & Consulting, AT/CAM, Ambassador ~ Cameroon

Beatrice Achaleke not only loves diversity – she lives it: Her commitment to the issues of diversity and inclusion is guiding her biography „Vielfalt statt Einfalt – wo ich herkomme“ and at the same starting point for many talks and seminars, which she was doing both nationally and internationally.

As CEO of Diversity Leadership and founder and manager of the European Diversity, Business & Inclusion Congress, EDIC (formerly WDLS-EU), she not only has best contacts to diversity experts worldwide but also insight into the leadership of local and global companies.

Beatrice has won several awards for her commitment – including in 2012 she was on the shortlist for the European Diversity Award in the category “Hero of the Year”.

Beyond that Beatrice is a proud mother of two children.

Beatrice Achaleke studied sociology at the University of Vienna and law at the University of Yaounde, Cameroon, and has many years of training experience in the areas of diversity management and intercultural communication.

Beatrice qualifies as an outstanding innovator in the field of diversity. In addition to her skills and competencies in the areas of diversity and inclusion, she has also worked on the strengthening of women’s rights, supported gender equality campaigns and has been involved in the field of intercultural communication.

Passionate, charming and with the right touch of humour Beatrice throws on future topics and lets her words follow acts – always against the background of bringing positive change to our society for people and organizations. The promotion of diversity management in middle and upper management levels in business, education and training institutions is Beatrice’s big goal.

Among her many awards, In 2008, Beatrice Achaleke was the first black woman running for the parliamentary elections in Austria. The award-winning blog “Black Women in Europe TM: Power List 2010” has named Beatrice as the third most powerful and influential black woman in Europe.

Beatrice describes her recipe for successful diversity and its challenges and leads the readers based on her life experience in Africa and Europe to an extended and precise understanding of variety. For Beatrice diversity is the central idea of her résumé. Diversity is not only a management tool, but the common theme of her biography – in diversity, not an obstacle, but a chance. Diversity has become the buzz word in economic, social and political integration discussions. Diversity fields are generational issues, the woman-man topic, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and disability, education, language, or social class … To speak of diversity is simple, to live diversity in every form, is art. “Diversity Management” also means to constructively use social diversity, or rather to live the cultural mix.

Her second book „(Miss-)Erfolgsfaktor kulturelle Vielfalt – Andere Menschen. Bessere Teams. Neue Kunden.“ Will be released September 20.

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SPECIAL THANKS to Maria Petrak of Best of the World (Global Ambassador to Austria) for introducing us to Beatrice.  We are truly honored to have both women on our Ambassador Team!