Meet Solange Boice, President and CEO of Design is Everywhere  our Member of the Month for July!   

Solange Boice is an Architect from Brazil specializing in Kitchens and Bathrooms with a Certification in Kitchen Design by the National Kitchen and Bathrooms Association (NKBA) for 7 years. She has worked in both residential and commercial fields for years. In 2004 she decided to become a Certified Kitchen Designer by the National Kitchen and Bath Association thereafter dedicating herself to the residential Kitchen and Bath industry. Her deep experience in the construction business facilitates her tremendous vision in planning spaces, guiding our team to creating layouts that maximize the use of the rooms through creative solutions. Solange Boice knows the importance of staying up to date with the new technology and materials; and in doing so she is better able to assist her customers. This philosophy makes her dedicate herself to continual study and offer to her clientele out-of-the-box solutions for different situations. That is also the Design is Everywhere company philosphy.

Solange is an avid blogger who loves to share with her readers her long term passion for a well designed, comfortable and practical home. Solange says, “We will travel together thru beautiful designs and great colors. Talk about tips for enjoying your home for all moments, dates and family sizes. Let’s have fun and live well!”

Solange is also a Lifetime Member of Women in Ecommerce and an avid supporter of our goals and mission. She is one of the first to “raise her hand” when we need a volunteer to help at our luncheons, a location to host a networking event or a vendor for our vendor tradeshows at our bi-monthly meetings.

If you are interested in designing space in your home, remodeling or renovating, give Solange a call! She is the BEST!