Meet South Florida Director Evie Hernandez

Evie Hernandez is known as The SMarketing Queen because she effectively integrates Sales and Marketing to get results. She teaches business owners how to generate client leads with the XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System at Chambers, SCORE Chapters, Associations and businesses throughout Florida. As the CEO of XoomIM Inbound SMarketing Agency, the founder of HispanaPreneurTM, a business professor at BizniversityTM, and the Host of LiveBizTV, Evie has laser focus vision for empowering business owners to Attract, Capture and Retain Affluent Loyal Clients.

As an Inbound Marketing Professional, a Certified Business Coach and a Solution Provider for Constant Contact, Evie is a much sought-after speaker because she is considered an expert on Lead Generation.

After over 10 years in Corporate America working in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Bayer, Abbott and Wyeth, and over 14 years successfully growing her own brand in South Florida, Evie puts her experience and expertise towards helping business owners become profitable through effective SMarketing.

Evie is passionate about teaching and helping businesses develop a Strategic Inbound SMarketing Plan so they can Get Found, Get Leads, and Get ResultsTM. Evie developed The XoomIM Inbound SMarketing System by combining her over 24 years of Sales and Marketing experience to execute an integrated strategy that Guarantees Results.

XoomIM 2017 Workshops

  •  3 Simple Secrets to Attract, Capture and Retain Clients NOW!
  • What to Say and How to Say It Correctly to the Growing Hispanic Market
  • Act Like a Queen and Sell Like a Powerful Lady

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