Meet Theda Muller, Global Ambassador ~ Dubai & The Middle East

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 8.38.00 AMTheda has over 30 years business experience, of which 14 years is in the UAE and Middle East Region. Theda is a South African originally from Cape Town, is a qualified IT and Telecoms Engineer and Consultant, also ITIL Trainer and Consultant, high-end Real Estate Advisor, Project Manager as her key professions. She later progressed to Dignatory Business Advisor, published Author, Debt and Finance Advisor & Coach, Mentor and Transformational Coach.

She was also the first female to be trained on Telecoms Technology during the apartheid era and is also an experienced senior Banker amongst many other professions. Hence she is a multi-talented serial Entrepreneur with vast knowledge and experience encompassing most key vertical sectors.

With her profound United Arab Emirates and Middle East experience of successfully initiating and owning 8 UAE companies with a total of 13 companies globally to her credit.

Theda is also a writer and columnist for the Dubai’s no 2 newspaper  and prior for . She convenes Workshops, Seminars & Coaching Sessions for communities facing a debt-crisis.

Theda was also nominated and selected on the GEM (Global Entrepreneur Monitor) for 2007-8 officially sponsored by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment and the Leadership of Dubai, underwritten by Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates.

She recently collaborated with an overseas partner to form Women of Meaning ( ), where this focuses on the softer aspects of female Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs personal transformation, with key self-taught solutions presented.

Theda is an Entrepreneur who has not only contributed to many key facets of existence, but has also achieved all of her goals, objectives and dreams. Understanding what situations played a key role along this journey. She has powerful transformation references from individuals who directly approached her to overcome their challenges.

Her ultimate goal now is to reach as far as she possibly can to help people transform their lives themselves.

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