Meet Wendy VanHatten, Author

WendyVanHattenWendy VanHatten is an Author, Freelance Editor, Freelance Writer and Blogger and this month’s Featured Member

As a travel writer on her blog,, Wendy offers current travel tips, latest TSA news, product reviews, and travel information. She is affiliated with Bay Area Travel Writer Organization, a professional travel writer and photographer organization.

Prime Time Living Magazine is a regional northern California publication where she is the editor-in-chief. Also check out where Wendy is a travel, food, and wine editor. You can also find her travel articles in Siouxland Magazine and a variety of other publications.

Books: The Forger’s Key is Wendy’s latest novel to make it’d debut in her Hidden Truth’s Series.

Vineyard Secrets ” takes the reader on a journey of twists and turns from San Francisco to Venice with murders, jewel thieves, and more. This is book #1 in her series.

“Champagne Lies”, also a mystery, is set in San Francisco and Italy. It has its own twists complete with lies, surprises, stolen jewels, and creepy people.

She and her co-author have published the “Max and Myron” series of children’s books. Colorful illustrations appeal to children, while high frequency words, sentence frames, and exercises in learning good character traits assist them as they read.

“Dad’s Hidden Box…Stories of Love and War” is a fiction, based on fact book about my dad and World War II. His many stories are recounted as she takes the reader on a journey.

“When the Cat Speaks…Listen, a Purr-fectly Good Way to Enjoy Life” was inspired by Myron, hercat and office supervisor. You do not need to be a cat lover to enjoy what he has to say about life.

“My Life: The Sequel, a Girlfriend’s Guide to Personal Success” was co-authored with Mary McNamara. Life is busy, but you can still achieve success along with your busy-ness.

“Just Doing Our Job” covers her son and fellow soldiers during their time in Iraq.

Check out Wendy’s website, for more information about her books, writing tips, and articles.

Specialties: Writing, traveling, photos, travel writing, speaking.