Moscow is full of unique photographic spots. And one the pleasures of traveling is to convert memories into pictures. Beautiful, crisp images enable us to live through the most adventurous moments of a journey again and again. Pictures speak better than words when we share impressions with friends and family.

But it’s hard to get a picture of yourself when you travel solo. Even for 2-3 people taking photos can be difficult – one person hides behind the camera and the group is never together. Low level of light can be a problem for compact cameras which tourists mostly use, and to travel with heavy professional equipment is uncomfortable.

Yulia, Trunina, Professional Photographer offers you a variety of photo walks to the most beautiful areas of Moscow. You don’t need to think about the technical side. Just enjoy and get more than 150 professional images within few hours (images from her camera can be uploaded to your computer right after the tour + she sends you post processed in 1-2 weeks via file hosting). During photo walks Yulia usea camera Canon 5D mark II, Canon “L” lenses and flash Canon Speedlite 430ex II.

If you prefer to take pictures yourself, a cultural tour is a more suitable option for you than a photo walk and less expensive. Yulia is on hand to show you the most important Moscow landmarks and provide you with information both about their history and the modern city life. Having a habit to take photos I always care about the visual impression of my tours – with me you never miss the beauty. Some tours’ itineraries coincide with photo walks, some differ. Any questions which can help you feel comfortable and self-sufficient in Moscow are welcomed.

Yulia Trunina is our newest global member. Welcome Yulia!