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Here are the links to the Summer/Fall Interviews Heidi Conducted with Experts during 1st Fridayz™ and eWednesday Chats:

Making Your Way Thru the Social Networking Maze for Business with Sabrina Gibson https://www.wecai.org/audio/SocialNetMazeSabrinaGibson.mp3

How to Makeover Your Business with Michele Scism ~ https://s3.amazonaws.com/GrowingSmallBusiness/HowtoMakeoverYourBusiness.mp3

You CAN Grow Your Business to a Million Dollar Enterprise with Nell Merlino ~ https://www.wecai.org/audio/MakeMineaMillion.mp3

How to be an Ebay Power Seller with Danna https://www.wecai.org/audio/EbayPowersellerwithDanna.mp3

Social Media Marketing Interview with Tamra Weinberg ~ https://www.wecai.org/audio/SocialMediaMarketingTamarWeinberg.mp3

Get Fired up! with your Branding with guest expert Liz Goodgold https://www.wecai.org/audio/GetFiredUpLizGoodgold.mp3

Diversity, Globalization and Twitter with Deepika Raja ~ https://www.wecai.org/audio/Diversity_globalization_Deepika_Raja.mp3

Content Management for Small Business with Vanessa Torres  https://www.wecai.org/audio/Content_management_Vanessa_Torres.mp3

How to Maximize your Follow up with Katrina Sawa https://www.wecai.org/audio/FollowUpKatrinaSawa.mp3


Here are our 5 minute audio tips (includes written transcript in PDF):

*So You Want to Build a Website: https://www.wecai.org/audio/soyouwanttobuildawebsite.mp3

Accompanying PDF: https://www.wecai.org/attachments/150_So%20You%20Want%20to%20Build%20a%20Website%20Transcript.pdf

*Components of a Good Website Design https://www.wecai.org/audio/Componentsofagoodwebsitedesign.mp3

Accompanying PDF: https://wecai.org/attachments/-01_Components%20of%20a%20GOOD%20WEBSITE%20DESIGN.pdf

*Content, Content, Content:  https://www.wecai.org/audio/CONTENTCONTENTCONTENT.mp3



Twelve Tips to Starting an Online Business & Creating a Website that Works!

Accompanying PDF: -01_Twelve_tips_to_start_an_online_business.pdf

Twenty Questions You Should Ask before Hiring a Search Marketing Firm

Check back often as we add new five-minute audio tips monthly.