Members in the News Submission Guidelines

How to Submit “Members in the News” information to Women in Ecommerce

Members in the News is a benefit of belonging and therefore is reserved for GOLD and PLATINUM members of Women in Ecommerce . If you are a SILVER Member and would like to receive this benefit, you may upgrade your membership at any time by CLICKING HERE to log in to your account in the Members Only Area.

This is YOUR chance to submit news about you and your company. Members in the News is not designed to be a chronology of all items in which members are mentioned nor do we claim to be inclusive of all such news. Member news can include: product launches, new business ventures, community involvement, etc. Do not submit AWARD announcements or article submission on this page (see below).

1. Members in the News is designed to offer members International publicity, give readers a sense of the type of media exposure our members get and to permit colleagues a chance to read what their fellow online entrepreneurs are saying and doing. It also provides visitors to our web site the opportunity to learn more about our members.

2. Media postings of women and men who do business on the web will be limited to Women in Ecommerce members. Click here  JOIN US  (or click in the menu bar above).

3. All items listed on the Members in the News feature should be current. In most cases new items will be included if they appeared within the day, week or month in which they are posted. Exceptions may include newsworthy articles and items we receive “after the fact.”

4. Emphasis is on newsworthy articles and media releases in which we are able to provide an accessible link to the item online. We will post the Member’s name and title of the news item with an external link to the “entire document.”

5. Advance notice of upcoming broadcast news featuring a member can be posted before the air date to allow others time to catch the feature.

6. Members in the News is not a distribution outlet for members who write regular or frequent news features. Regrettably, we cannot serve as a syndication outlet. However, we can and do occasionally post individual columns in our Blog provided they would be of interest to our members and not a promotional piece about the individual contributing the article. Each article will be reviewed by members of our Board of Advisors for quality of content prior to posting.

7. Women in Ecommerce members are encouraged to alert us to media exposure but must understand that we do not commit to posting each item that is submitted. This is a best-effort project and not a definitive listing by any means.

How to submit to Members in the News: Fill out the form below completely. You will receive an email confirmation that your news was sent. Publication of news varies depending on several factors including the number of submissions we receive, deadlines of submissions and membership levels.  As a  general rule, items submitted to the Members in the news section are published within a week of receipt.  Your news will be shared on all our social media channels, as well as our bi-monthly newsletter.  Press releases are uploaded to our website monthly. Be sure and include 2 types of announcements – 1 for twitter (120 characters or less) and 1 for all other social media (25 words or less).

For Article submissions, visit:

Note: If you have received an award, please submit your press release to for inclusion in our Awards and Member Recognition Section. Awards and Member Recognition