The Members of the Month Award was created to showcase our  Women in Ecommerce™ Members each Month ~ a great way to get to one another better, to make new friends and colleagues.
Be sure to visit these members’ sites and when you do, please drop them a note and tell them you found them at Women in Ecommerce™.

If you are a member of Women in Ecommerce™ and would like to be considered for our Members of the Month program, or would like to “nominate” a member, send an email to news (at along with your ecommerce link and brief description of the kind of product/service you provide.

The main criteria is that you must be a member in good standing for at least 3 months. We recognize our members of the month for their interaction with us via attending our events, hosting events for our members, participating in our online forum, submitting content to the Women in Ecommerce™ Website and by sharing Women in Ecommerce™ with their own friends and business associates.

In addition to be posting here, we will announce our Members of the Month on our blog on the first of each month.

MemberoftheMonthMeet our past Members of the Month

Cheryl Rubman of SeneGence Int’l

Edie Galley of Courageous Voices

Dr. Karen Gray of LuvCandlz

Solange Boice of Design is Everywhere

Sheila Finkelstein of (and several other sites)

Bonnie Mackey of Levin, Silvey, Zelko and Mackey

Kim Gray of the National Association of Virtual Assistants for Coaches

Lauren Perez of LVP Solutions, LLC.

Farzanah Mall

Marie Ramos

Cynthia R. Smith, Ed. D.

Regina Baker

Kathy Blanton

Walethia Aquil

Priscilla Marotta

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Mary Agnes Vetell Antonopoulos

Maria Patterson

Donna Kim-Brand

Christina Rowe

Jennefer Resko

Beverly Mahone

Dalila Dee Grohowski of

Ellen Sue Burton of Duo Magazine

Michelle Luongo of Balanced Living, Inc.

Janus Moncur of Co-Creative Coaching

Michelle DiMarco of Lilac and Lilies

Dr. Gaby Cora-Locatelli of Executive Health & Wealth

Teresa Morrow Key Business Partners

Rosalind Sedacca of Child Centered Divorce


As Members of the Month, these women are invited to showcase the Member of the Month logo on their website and use the Award in any promotions they are doing.


Be sure to click on their company names to see their websites and see what they are up to. By the way, each of our July Members of the Month are Lifetime Members of Women in Ecommerce.

If you would like to be considered for a Member of the Month, be sure to check out our Criteria .