Women in Ecommerce™ is ever-evolving and growing. Growing in members, growing in information and growing in wisdom.

Over the past ten years we have looked at what works and what doesn’t and finally figured out the “what doesn’t work” needs to be let go of.  One of those things that has not worked well, up to now is our back-end or membership area. We have been struggling with finding just the right software program that will help our members better understand what WE can do for them and how they can utilize the vast resources we have gathered over the years.

And then I discovered WordPress Wishlist (well discovered isn’t exactly what I did, I found out about it). And life online as I knew it was no more. WISHLIST is one of the best membership management content management platforms available suitable for small, medium or BIG organizations alike. It is simply AMAZING!

My team and I are having such fun and learning so much about the capabilities of WISHLIST.

In fact, yesterday and today I spent most of my time creating the dashboard and wanted to show you a picture of what it looks like. If you join at ANY LEVEL you can access the member area and see for yourself. Of course, if you join as a SILVER or GOLD member you have limited access to certain resources. Platinum and Lifetime members can access all the resources including several hundred dollars worth of software, ebooks, audio tutorials and more!

Feel free to take advantage of the opportunity to join by visiting this page: https://wecai.org/join-us/

You will be glad you did!

Warmest regards,