Welcome to the Women’s ECommerce Association International™ dba Women in Ecommerce™. "See why smart women join Women in Ecommerce"Membership is open to women (and men) interested in social media, technology, internet marketing, economic prosperity, business and finance. Women in Ecommerce™ was created to help you achieve your professional and personal goals in a variety of ways and to help you do MORE business on the WEB.

Women in Ecommerce™ is for women who are successful and aspiring visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs, women who are serious about furthering their goals, knowledge and skills. Today is your day…to take advantage of the wealth of information, by joining our growing, global community of enterprising women, each one becoming more proficient in her chosen endeavors with a simple click of the mouse. We like to say that our members are “United Through the Mouse.”

We know your success is equally dependent upon staying abreast of current information and news related to ecommerce. Our vast resources will show you cost-effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects, gain expert status, get more business and get recognized for your talent and expertise.We invite you to advantage of a world that will open you to unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Join Women in Ecommerce™ TODAY !

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