Here are the Women in Ecommerce™ Top Picks for Mobile Marketing This Week

Smartphone Apps and Mobile Ads Influence Purchase Intent: STUDY

A study by Adology finds that mobile advertising and branded smartphone applications influence consumers’ purchase decisions. ” … retailers may want to consider adding this media type to their marketing mix, as mobile use continues to rise and the market for mobile apps expands,” the Adology Digital Media Influence study says.

Retailers may find success utilizing direct mail and mobile apps or advertising,” the study says. “One possible strategy is to send out mail pieces that promote the business’s mobile app or text promotion, or allow readers to sign up for direct mail pieces via the text messaging or mobile applications.”

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Does Google’s Mobile Keyword Tool Begin the Year of Mobile Marketing?

By helping solve the fundamental business problem of resource allocation, Google’s freshly announced Mobile Keyword Tool has the potential to ignite mobile search marketing and propel mobile web marketing into orbit, right now. How is that? The announcement revealed a new feature designed to help marketers build segmented keyword lists that better target ads toward mobile searchers…

5 Predictions for Mobile Advertising in 2011

In 2010 we saw marketers continue to embrace performance advertising as consumers increasingly pushed the skip button on traditional media. Smartphone adoption skyrocketed, “check-in” mania surged and receded, and mobile ad spending nearly doubled from 2009, totaling around $2.4 billion. Here are the predictions:

1. Rise of the outernet.
2. Goodbye to “pay and pray” advertising.
3. Nice to Know you
4. Don’t Get Trashed
5. The bridge to somewhere.

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Did you know: For every one computer in use, there are now approximately 10 mobile devices, (cell -phones/iPads/Blackberries/etc.) in use sending and receiving information from users all throughout the day.  94% of all text messages sent are read by the recipient, with a whopping 75% of those messages read instantly, as they are received.

That is why on January 27, 2011, Jeffrey Sass, VP Marketing & Business Development at Myxer Inc. is presenting “How to Use Mobile Marketing to Attract More Customers to Your Website” during the South Florida Chapter of Women in Ecommerce™ Luncheon .