Recently when surfing the web for some interesting new tools to share with Women in Ecommerce™ that can help promote and grow your website, I came across SiteJazzer ™. What I discovered was that this a great, easy to use and inexpensive way to get attention for your site and give your visitors an interesting experience and get people to love your site. With SiteJazzer ™ you can make quick changes because they do all the work. They build the HTML5/Flash code so you don’t pay an expensive web developer to do it for you. And the best part is they give you the code to “drop it into your site.”

Here’s what the site says about

SiteJazzer™ makes it easy for businesses around the world to show off their content. Here’s what webmasters and web designers can do with SiteJazzer™:    

* Show customer testimonials as animated cards with picture, video, audio – not just text

* Design page-peel banners and leader boards to add surprise element in advertisements

* Show your stories, product catalogs, service portfolios, recipes and more using 3D flip-books

* Promote your offers, specials and deals as clock timers counting down on your website

* Create excitement around events using count-down timers

Do these and much more with SiteJazzer™. You might think of SiteJazzer interactions as professionally designed HTML5 or Flash widgets – but there’s more. SiteJazzer™ interactions are highly customizable. They are quick and easy to adapt to your site. You can use them creatively in many ways.

Check out the samples on the SiteJazzer Sample Page

Here are some of the ways you can use SiteJazzer™ to draw attention grabbers to your website:

3D Cube – Visitors rotate cube, explore content

3D Flip Book – Flip pages like a book – cool!

3D Carousel – Capture attention with rotating display

Panning Cards – Present your offerings in one place

Page Peel Banner – Arouse curiosity, attract clickthrough

Picture Show- Present a slide deck on your site

Video Ticker – Add a human touch with video

Survey – Learn what others are thinking

Countdown Timer – Get people to act fast on your deals

Read success stories here:

You can find out more about how to use SiteJazzer™ with their Product Tutorials

You can Bring Your Web Pages Alive for as little as $5 a Jazzer with their Pay-per-Jazzer Pricing. So its easy, affordable AND gives your content a boost your audience will love. Go ahead, try it today.

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