"check mark red survey or list"At a recent board of advisors meeting it was determined that Women in Ecommerce™ really needs to get to know our members better. After all, we have been serving women online since 2001 and a lot has changed in ecommerce including the means and ways in which we do business online, the ease of getting online and the way we market our online presence.

It is important to us and to our members that we are changing and growing and offering our members the same opportunities to do the same.

In order to continue to provide the resources, tools and skills to create a thriving online business, we need to understand our members level of experience, expertise, competence and use of the Internet, their website and anything to do with managing an online presence.

The result? The Women in Ecommerc Web Presence & Use Survey (opens in a new window).

We invite you to take the SURVEY and let us know what your needs/wants, haves and have nots are when it comes to doing business on the web.

If you are US resident (18 years or older) you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card (void where prohibited by law).  If not, drop me a line after you take the survey. We are also doing some other unadvertised give-aways at the end of each month including  drawings for the “Grow a Million Dollar Business Audio Program AND the “How to Use Pinterest for Business Program.” Each of these programs are downloadable audio/video programs that you can use to maximize your online presence.  Several of these will be given away at the end of June, July and August so enter early to be eligible for these great premiums.

In addition, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about the survey including any feedback on ways to improve it.

Take the SURVEY NOW!  Visit this link to open in a new window: https://wecai.org/take-the-women-in-ecommerce-web-presence-use-survey

Thanks and have a great week!

To your success and then some…