Dear Women in Ecommerce™ Members, Guests, Fans and Followers;

As 2010 comes to a close, I thought I’d share one of the best New year’s Eve rituals sent to me by Lynn Sheurell of Creative Catalyst. I am confident that this “exercise” will help you create a “conscious transformation” of your business and your life.

Wishing you peace, joy and abundance now and in the future.  

May 2011 hold the keys to your prosperity in all that you are and all that you do.

Warmest regards,


You are being presented with an opportunity to refresh your life manifestation with the New Year for new beginnings. For many people, this is the only time of year that they actually stop to think about what they’re creating; personally, I like to work with moon cycles, so I tend to be aware on a monthly basis of my intentions.

Anyway, you might remember that I’ve offered rituals for New Year’s Eve the last few years and people have reported how powerful the experience was for them both in closing out the old year and in setting the tone for the new one.

In that spirit, I am offering you a ritual that you can do this year that I’ve never shared publicly before.

In case you decide you’d like to forward this to people you know and care about, I’d like to define a couple of terms first to make being a lightworker easier to understand for the ‘newbies’.

Ritual: simply allocating time, space, intention and aligned action, using symbolism, to honor what ‘is’ and to create what is desired. (This sounds big, but brushing your teeth is a ritual – think about it.) ;+)

Manifestation: the act of something becoming a knowable, even tangible, outcome or experience.

Lightworker: someone who intentionally uses energy vibrations to create, heal and transform daily life on the physical plane. (By the way, you and every other person is a lightworker already – it’s the degree of consciousness that determines your ability to use energy for a specific purpose.)

Ok… on to the New Year’s Eve ritual for this year…

On a piece of paper, draw a big T. On the left side, at the top, write 2011. On the right side, write 2010. You’re going to start with the right side first by listing all the things you’re ready to say good-bye to and release.

This can be anything from regrets to mind-space given to things thatdon’t make them happy to sabotaging health habits to money worries to unfulfilling work to emotional pain.

Whatever it is, this is the time to call it out and put it on the list. It doesn’t have to be written in full sentences – a word or phrase holds the power of it if it resonates (has meaning) for you.

Once you feel you’ve exhausted that list, and you feel complete with it, turn your attention to the left side of the list. This is where you will write what you want to welcome in the New Year.

This is NOT about writing resolutions, or goals, or affirmations, or ‘invitations’ about what you want to see but what you really want to welcome, embrace and have certainty about coming in to you.

These are the things, people, opportunities and experiences that you will be happy to have in your life. When this list feels complete, move on to the next part of the ritual…

Take a moment to consider all of the things you’ve written for 2011 to find a theme for your coming year. What is the common energy of 2011 for you, based on what you’re welcoming in?

Maybe it’s about Going for It, Playing Bigger, Liberating Myself, Live La Vida Loca (that was mine for 2009) or Body Book and Business (that was mine for 2010).

Discover a phrase of no more than five words to describe 2011 to use as your mantra for the coming year. And, when you have it, write it twice – once on this paper in a prominent place (or using bigger font or a different color marker) and then again on a separate piece of paper so you remember until it is firm in your mind.

Now for the energy activation of what you’ve just put together…

Fold your piece of paper with your T list on it. You can crumple it, make it into an airplane – the shape doesn’t matter. You’re energetically closing off the open energy field of your list(s), acknowledging that they are complete.

When folded, hold the paper with closed eyes, in silence, to your chest. Feel the energy of all that’s contained there. Experience the gratitude for what was – and that means the good, the bad, and the ugly. It all had to be in order to get you to this moment. Allow your spirit to say good-bye and release what you no longer want or need in your life.

And then feel the joy and deep contentment of all that you are going to be welcoming into your life in this next year. Imagine how it will feel to have everything on that list come to you and how you will feel in greeting and embracing it. Know these things are coming to you just like you know you are a man or a woman – with that much certainty.

(Side note: this can be quite emotional and that’s actually ideal because it is your feelings, your energy, that is the powerhouse generator of your experiences; the more your emotional awareness, the more complete the ritual can be for you.)

Now it’s time to let the Universe know that you are ready to release what was and start welcoming what’s coming in to you. Take your list somewhere outside where it’s safe to burn it (a firepit, empty metal garbage can or concrete sidewalk will work).

As you light your list on fire, use the Reinforcement of the Three Secrets to power the energy process – think it, say it, do it. Think about what you are doing – honoring and releasing what was, saying hello and embracing what’s coming in), acknowledge that out loud (or in your mind, if you’re in a group of people and prefer to keep quiet), and actively ensure that your paper is burned completely. Watch the smoke go to the Universe and trust that it is done.

You may notice that your body has strange sensations (hot/cold/tingly hands and feet/clammy/etc.) – that’s normal as your body adjusts to the new levels of energy you just processed.

You may feel a calm that you’ve never really experienced before, which sometimes confuses people – they are so used to feeling all stirred up that they don’t know what it’s like to feel balance and connection with themselves and Source energy in a profound way.

Sometimes people don’t want to burn their list and want to hold on to them, but that will likely become an energy block, or clutter, over time. This is your moment to release the old and step powerfully into the new.

I trust that this ritual will help you usher in what promises to be an amazing new year.

If you have a moment to share your mantra for 2011, I would love to hear and support you in it. Just go to this link and leave a comment:

Here’s to a powerful, profound and fulfilling 2011… ~~~

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