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For How to Become an eBay Power Seller with Danna Crawford


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Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3840
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About this session: In this session Danna is going to talk about how she started selling on eBay, how she rose to the top as an eBay Powersell and tips to become a powerseller. She will share the do’s and don’t of eBay, how she built her eBay store and much, tips to research items on eBay, privacy and security and much more!
About Danna Crawford: Danna started selling on eBay in 1997. 10 years later in 2007 PowerSellingMom.com was created!
Danna has taken her eBay career to higher levels of teaching eBay and helping people from around the world. Teaching classes online, in her home office and at the local college: CFCC as well as the University of North Florida in Jacksonville.
As a Winner of the 2008 eBay Hall of Fame award, Danna take great pride being a member of the eBay community, and helping people succeed by selling online, from home and keeping the family first. eBay Giving works presented Danna with the Golden Ribbon , Community seller award in June 2008.
In addition to being an eBay powerseller, Danna is helping nonprofits with fund raising by using the eBay Giving Works platform.
She  supports the eBay Green Team and stand behind the values of “Green Education!”
In 2007 Danna became an education specialist trained by eBay and in 2009 she became Certified by completing the Business Consultant program provided by eBay (one of only 29 in the country!)
In July 2009 Danna Crawford launched her membership site VirtualOnlineLearning.com.  For more information, visit www.powersellingmom.com
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Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3840
Access Code: 361467#
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