Member of the Month for October is Ellen Sue Burton of Duo Magazine. Ellen Sue is a Platinum Member of Women in Ecommerce and a  member of the Florida Board of Advisors

About our Member of the month:

Ask Ellen Sue Burton if dreams can come true and she will give you a resounding, “Yes.” As Founder and Publisher of DUO “Do Unto Others” Magazine, Ellen has applied her educational training in Drama and English, her professional career as a court reporter, her lifelong commitment to charity and volunteer work,  and her networking skills acquired as President of Dynamic Business Network (a one-of-a-kind networking group started in 1984) and her experience as president of her own event planning company to create a lifestyle philanthropic magazine highlighting charities, foundations, unsung heroes, and emerging artists.

Ellen loves being able to check off one more thing from her bucket list…starting a movement that can change the lives of others.  The “Little Magazine Making a Big Difference” is doing just that.  DUO Magazine is more than just a magazine; it’s a meeting place for men and women to come together to share their similarities and embrace their differences. It’s a heartfelt journey through the endeavors of the charitable organizations and Unsung Heroes who are changing lives throughout South Florida. Inspirational, motivational and extraordinarily entertaining, DUO “Do Unto Others” magazine is delighting readers from Fort Lauderdale Beach to South Beach and all of the beautiful sands in between. With a readership of 50,000 in distribution, 100,000 hits a month online and 5,000 newsletter readership, DUO is the next “must have” publication for movers and shakers, jetsetters and entrepreneurs, from aspiring achievers to the hippest and hottest heroes in South Florida, those who live to love and love to live and who celebrate each day with music in their ears, art on their walls and sharing in their hearts. DUO Magazine, the Little magazine making a Big difference.

A facilitator extraordinaire, (as her friends teasingly call her!!)  Ellen’s greatest skill is connecting the dots….bringing people together who not only climb mountains, they move them.  Her world of creative, courageous and caring individuals is her most precious treasure in helping her to realize her dreams.  Winner of the  2009 American Business Women Association Media Leader of the year and Hospitality Chairman on the Board of Women in Commerce, Ellen’s main incentive is to enlighten the community on the importance of compassionate capitalism.

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