By Maria Wixman

You’ve got a brilliant, cant-miss ecommerce idea, and decide to build your own free website to capitalize on it. However, instead of figuring out at what prices to set your products, what traditional marketing methods you can afford, and how to attract traffic to your website, you’re obsessing over content. You’re editing and reediting and slashing and burning the whole thing to start over again. If this sounds like the process you’re going through to create a website, then you need to consider outsourcing content creation.

Relinquishing Control

Giving up control of your baby can be difficult. You don’t want some hack to butcher your concept with his words, and you’re not convinced that you’ll catch every problem that he creates. The answer to this very real problem is not to forgo outsourcing your content, but rather to take your time hiring the right person, and to give clear instructions to her or him.

How to Hire. If you’re hiring online, then use reputable third-party websites. Before you go that route, however, see if anyone in your personal or professional network has recommendations. If someone you know and trust has had a good experience with a particular content provider, then it will make the entire process easier. During the search process, ask for samples of your prospective hires work (either via email or by linking to her digital portfolio), and references (or online ratings).

Be Crystal Clear. In order to give clear instructions, you first have to know exactly what you want from your content creator: how many pages, exactly what those pages should detail, who your audience is, and which keywords to use, for a start. Once youre straight on the details, make sure that your content creator is as well. Its a good idea to have the person creating the content complete one page first and submit it to you for review before finishing the other pages. That way, you’ll know that he or she fully understands what you want.

Make Your Time Count

The entire point of hiring someone to handle the content of your website is to give you the time to focus on more important tasks, so make sure you do. Here are some key components to ecommerce sites that you should not overlook.

1.Off page optimization. In order to improve your how quickly your website appears in search engine results, you should be sure to use off page optimization tactics, such as convincing other websites particularly popular ones that are related to your own business to link to your website. The quantity and quality of back-links pointing to your website makes up a big chunk of the search engine algorithm that determines in what order to display websites.

2.Video marketing. Creating short, simple videos that are related to your product is a great way to provide another point of entry for prospective customers. Once created, you can post or link to your video to a number of other websites, such as YouTube, Twitter, and other social networking sites. Provided that you can be clearly seen and heard, you can create videos even on an extremely small budget.

3.Write a press release. There are a number of niche news sites that might be interested in word of your new website. Either submit your press release directly, or use PR engines to facilitate distribution.

Do yourself a favor when you create a website: outsource your content creation. It will allow you to focus on the big picture without sacrificing the quality that you need to be successful.

Maria Wixman can teach you How To Create a Free Music Website with She has been in the online marketing industry for over two years and loves all things related to e-marketing, writing for the web, SEO and SEM. She’s been working for a large company that specializes in web design, and loves how dynamic this field is.

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