Did you know that Masterminding is one of the fastest ways to achieve your goals both personally and professionally?

That is why Women in Ecommerce™ has formed the PAC Platinum Advisory Councils for our members. We know how difficult it can be to help yourself in business. It can be a challenge to stay focused and on course, to achieve your desired goals and outcomes. And the second PAC meeting is the perfect example of two members who have taken the process and reaped the benefits.

In the following videos Joan Cartwright of Women in Jazz South Florida and Lydia Harris of the Entrepreneur’s Garden talk about their experiences with the Platinum Advisory Council (PAC) for Women in Ecommerce™ Platinum level members.  

If you are a South Florida Business or Professional Woman and would like to learn more about PAC visit: http://bit.ly/WECAIPAC   

You can learn more about Joan Cartwright at www.WIJSF.org

You can learn more about Lydia Harris at www.TheEntrepreneursGarden.com

You can join Women in Ecommerce – Silver Membership is FREE ! If you want to upgrade your membership and become a part of one of our PAC groups (groups 2 and 3 now forming), join at the Platinum Level . Its only $97 and the value is unlimited!

BTW, we will be starting our virtual PAC program in June. Stay tuned!

To your success… and then some,

Heidi Richards Mooney, Founder & CEO