Women in Ecommerce™ is delighted to share this webinar on demand presented by BtoB Magazine and On24 all about hosting your own successful virtual events.  This webinar can really help you in planning producing and promoting your Virtual Events so you won’t ever have to worry about “throwing a party and having no one show up!” In addition, at the bottom of this post, I have included the 2010 Virtual Event Resource Book brought to you by VirtualEdge.org. Be sure to check it out.

Virtual Success: 10 Things You Must Know For a Successful Virtual Event

As the economy shows signs of a sluggish recovery, savvy marketers are seeking effective, cost-efficient ways to reach the largest audience possible. Virtual events are increasingly filling this role. Even more than an in-person event, a virtual event can provide in-depth marketing data, because the activities and participants can be tracked and evaluated. Virtual events can be engaging, educational, and even fun for the attendee.

However, because most virtual shows mix familiar Web elements like webinars, forums and chatrooms with virutal booths and video, there are lots of elements to juggle. How can you do it right? What do you need to know to create an engaging environment that will engage your audience? This webcast will help you understand what you need to do to plan and execute a successful virtual event. The moderators talk about lead time and how important it is for advance planning and talk about a minimum of 12 weeks from start to launch.   Especially when you are charging a fee to attend.

The webcast also covers how to create a theme that’s right for your audience, plan a dynamic look-and-feel, create promotions that attract huge audiences, and create content that encourages users to participate.

There are tried and true ways to promote your virtual event including leveraging traditional channels such as Search Engine Marketing, Banner Ads, and Channel Influencers (like bloggers and others who would reach your target market). Other promotional ideas included: Blogging (on your own blog and as a guest blogger), Social Networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter as well as tapping you’re your personal connections.

More companies and individuals are adding virtual eventsVirtual Events in their marketing mix. The cost to entry is inexpensive, attendees can participate from their desks, there are no travel costs and the time commitment is often less resulting in creating desired response levels.

Watch this webcast and find out how to make them a powerful part of your marketing efforts.  You can sign up for this webinar at BtoB WEBCAST (registration also includes access to the downloadable PDF files of the presentation)

In addition to this webinar, you can download The Virtual Edge Resource Book. This FREE 101 page ebook is filled with Even more resources for planning, producing, and marketing successful virtual events and meetings. Note: VirtualEdge.org is getting ready to launch their 2011 edition, so hurry up and sign up so you will receive notification when it is ready!