Power in Action Overcomes Fear

Women in Ecommerce Lifetime Member Charlene Christiano Shares Stage with Les Brown and Peggy McColl


Power in Action Overcomes Fear

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – April 25, 2013 – Charlene Christiano recently shared the stage with Les Brown and Peggy McColl at the Superstar Summit event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She spoke about how fear stops a person from living the life they desire and the steps necessary to eliminate fear and live powerfully.

According to Charlene Christiano, “100% of all people on the planet experienced fear in their life at some point. More and more people are living in fear every single day causing overall uncertainty about the future.”

Experts are predicting increased violence and worsening global economies over the next few years. In the United States, we have seen an increase in school shootings, violent attacks on the public, and lost jobs and homes which have undermined our previous sense of security and stability. Individuals and businesses have suffered as a result.

“Fear is a primitive reaction to a perceived or actual life threating event,” says Charlene Christiano, “but today’s environment has created a state of chronic fear which causes stress that impacts an individual both in their personal and professional lives.”

Ms. Christiano knows that by becoming aware of one’s fears and taking decisive, specific steps to live with power can offset the harmful effects of chronic stress and help a person create the life they desire.

“How we are in our personal lives shows up in our business and professional lives. You can’t hide from it. It shows up automatically,” says Ms. Christiano.

Charlene Christiano is the CEO of Quantum Transformational Wealth, LLC. Charlene is a Transformation Specialist, who helps people eliminate blocks so they can reach their full potential and create the life they desire with power and purpose. She is the creator of The PoweresseTM System, a holistic program filled with tools and strategies designed for taking decisive actions leading to the transformation of self and others.


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