Proclaim you’re an expert….Now.
In this article By Katrina Sawa you will learn key tips to become more confident and be the expert you are destined to be. When you believe in yourself and your expertise you can do more business, close more sales and get more out of business and life.  It is so important to be an expert in something if you truly want to differentiate yourself from all the others both online and offline. If you want to do more business on the web, Women in Ecommerce™ suggests you follow these tips to build a sustainable business and get more out of your life.
Do you feel like you’re NOT the expert you long to be?
Do you think you have to wait a few years, learn more or get more expertise BEFORE you proclaim yourself the expert in your industry?
You already ARE the expert you want and long to be.
Stop not believing in yourself. Step out & step up and own your power.

You know all the really just comes down to self worth & confidence right?
Hey, it’s ok to admit you don’t have enough confidence in yourself yet.  Heck,  that’s the first step to making changes is AWARENESS.
You’re not the only one either. I speak to thousands of women (& men) entrepreneurs every year who aren’t very successful in their business yet most of the time it’s because you don’t believe you’re worth it, worth more, expert enough, or experienced enough.
It’s important to begin to become aware when these kinds of doubts start to creep into your thoughts because if you don’t notice them they could easily affect your decisions and your bottom line!
So, what can you do to learn how to become more confident?
1.Listen to people who support you, boost you up and believe in you.
2.Tell yourself daily “I believe in myself, I am an expert, I deserve it”.
3.Work through the reasons why you currently DON’T think this way. (Hint: that may take a little time, investment in yourself and/or mentoring/coaching.)
4.Finally…..Live it, Speak it, Think it, Believe it and Proclaim it!
You have to own your own power or who will do it for you?
You can do whatever you want; build a 6+ figure business if you want doing what you love to do IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.
So, do whatever it takes to get yourself clear on this and even if you do nothing else in your business, I’ll bet you see more results.
If you’d like to find out if or how I can help you become more confident in what you truly are meant to do and design your business then to be much more profitable, you can apply now for the opportunity for a complimentary Strategy Session with me or a member of my team.  Go to  now.