If you know anything about Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, you understand the importance of having working links on your website. In fact, broken links can be a detriment to most websites. The search engines use a variety of algorithms to test site efficiency, among them valid links. Broken links can actually get your site “demoted” and push your rankings and your position further down the search engine results.

In fact, we feel it is so important that we decided to make a broken link checker our resource of the month. Here is one of the broken link checkers that we recommend:

 Broken Link Checker by w3.org – Now you an check for those pesky broken links like the ones you put in articles or on your resource page or anywhere you might include a link on your site With Link Checker from W3C, all you have to do is enter a web address and you get a report listing any and all borken linsk. You can even customize the way you view the report. And it’s FREE. Check your site now! http://validator.w3.org/checklink   

If you have a WordPress blog you can add a plugin will find all the broken links on your site and send you a report based upon when the links are detected.  It is called, you guessed it –  “broken link checker.” Just search the plugins to find, install and activate today.