Square Lets You Take Payments Anywhere!

The latest in payment technology is a must for business. Why?

Because it lets you take payments from anywhere without a computer. It’s a super little mobile device you just plug into your mobile phone, ipad or other mobile device that allows you to swipe credit cards on the spot.

It works great if you do any kind of selling … on the road. Its a simple ecommerce solution for any business, large or small!

If you are a professional speaker who sells products from the back of the room, participate in trade shows or carry your products with you, SquareUp.com should be with you. Its so handy to use. You swipe the customer’s card, and they sign the receipt on your mobile phone screen.  You don’t have to rush back to the office and input credit cards into your ecommerce processor because you do it on the spot and the money goes into your bank. SWEET!

You can sign up for free at SquareUp.com and the device is sent to you in the mail.  Its a very easy to apply process that takes less than 5 minutes!

Comparable to other credit card processing companies in price (2.75%) it allows you to “bring your register with you.”

Now what could be easier than that?

Women in Ecommerce™ recommends this to all our members. It is one of the best tools to run a small business from anywhere.  Never write down another credit card.  Check out SquareUp.com today.