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Women in Ecommerce is delighted to announce our Ecommerce Sites of the Month for July 2010!
Laura Wheeler of Firelight Web Studio ~ Laura and her husband Kevin are AMAZING! They are the ones who built this website and have been working with us on the design, strategy and implementation. Started by Laura Wheeler in 1997, it began as a graphic design company, and grew into a web design company in 2000. She oversees each client account personally, and insures that all work is done to high quality specifications. Her unique philosophy of client service, and high quality and integrity are the standards by which the corporation is run.
Daisy Wright, President of The Wright Career Solution ~ The Wright Career Solution offers affordable and comprehensive services that help you achieve career success. The Wright Career Solution can help you achieve your objectives with Resume Wrighting, Interview Coaching, Career Coaching, Workshop Facilitation and More! Daisy is a Global Lifetime Member of Women in Ecommerce and a member of our International Board of Advisors
Danna Crawford, Founder of PowerSellingMom.com ~ Winner of the 2008 eBay Hall of Fame award, Danna started selling on eBay in 1997. 10 years later in 2007 PowerSellingMom.com was created! She’s taken her eBay career to higher levels of teaching eBay and helping people from around the world. In June, Danna was featured on WE Magazine for Women and will be sharing her eBay experiences in an upcoming Teleclass for Women in Ecommerce.
To view past recipients of the Women in Ecommerce Site of the Month AWARD visit our Archives.
Note: If you are a woman who has a web site that offers products and services, Women in Ecommerce™ would be happy to review it for possible inclusion in our Site of the Month Awards. If it’s simple to navigate, fast loading, and a professional looking ecommerce site, you might be one of the winners of our Site of the Month! to view the criteria, visit our Ecommerce Site of the Month Page