Women in Ecommerce™ Monday Resource is a cool website Button Creator called Social Media Buttons


Social media Buttons is a Web site that allows you to customize their buttons and use them on your own blog, web page, etc., as a link to your profile.  Have visitors follow you on Twitter and become fans on Facebook! With social media buttons you can direct people to your social media profile for free! 


It’s simple: To make a custom Twitter or Facebook buttons All you do is  Enter your Twitter/Facebook ID on the page and press the “GO” button. Then you can copy the code (do so by clicking on “Select Code”) of any button you like and paste it on your Blog, Webpage, etc and let others follow you on twitter. these website buttons are easy to customize and use. Its that simple… enjoy tweeting!


Check it out today at http://www.socialmediabuttons.com/.

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